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thereis plenty going on the AFrican political scene here in Atlanta, I just don’t care enough to write it down. I should pay more attention to my surroundings, but I don’t.


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America is Evil

The US Government is inherently evil. The sick game that the subhumans are playing with me, obviously with US Government approval and complicity, is proof that this regime is evil and has no regard for the welfare of its citizens.

I for one, applauded Al-Queda for their work since although I do not support fundamentalist Islam, I believe that anyone fighting the US Government deserves at least some credit. While the old adage “the enemy of my enemy is my friend “may not be true,  I and millions other others sympathize with Bin Laden.

The people playing this game obviously have no regard for free speech, since why else would I be blackballed from the adult web for voicing my opinions. Not that I wanted to be an insider, but one should be free to voice his opinions as long as they do not infringe upon the rights of others. Clearly, my websites did not infringe upon the ability of other webmasters to conduct business and if they did not like my reviews, then they could have refused to link and direct traffic to my site. The acts of Google, turning off traffic to my site after I wrote a guide for African-American women in the adult industry is  proof that these subhumans have no belief in the Constitution. That the constititution itself is not worth the paper it is printed on, if the US Government will harass and torment you for five years because someone rich and powerful wants to play a game.

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New Black Panther Party – New Black

New Black PantherWell I checked out the site of the New Black Panther Party. The site update is impressive, considering how bad the site looked before. The site can be viewed at . The site was updated in the last month and sports the following improvements. Gone is the silly metalmuffins about the Jews being the spawn of evil or some such nonsense, as well as a form asking what medication you are taking. I'm not kidding, these guys actually asked if you were sane on their application form. Not exactly confidence inspiring about their leadership.

The new ten point program has been suitably cleaned up and looks more professional. One thing that I did miss is that the party no longer has a suggested reading list, which was the only postivie aspect of the previous site, although the reading list was very dated with most of the titles dating from the 70s. What was missing from the site is how the New Black Panther party is relavent now. What bold ideas do they have that will differentiate them from the torpor that marks so much of Black leadership today. The problems facing black america have gotten more severe, yet so far we hear nothing but the same old solutions which have been espoused since the mid 60s. Now I am not an neo-con and say that the policies of the old guard have failed entirely. After all, the black middle class is larger than ever, but so much of the promise of the civil rights era has yet to be achieved. Even among the black middle class, business growth and development lags behind expectations. The site is well worth a read, but it is short on detail and did not convince me to join, which is ultimately the objective of any political party. At least it is not the complete joke that it was previously.

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Cynthia Mckinney: We Support Her!

Cynthia MckinneyCynthia Mckinney, a feisty Black congresswoman from right here in Decatur,GA struck a Capitol Hill police officer for offensive touching. Now I am all in favor of hitting white cops and getting away with it, however I fear that this event will play into the hands of the GOP.

The GOP Predicitabily released a statement in support of the police office. We can now expect that the event will drag on for months with a public trial, polarizing the nation. Personally, while I have but praise for Congresswoman Mckinney, I think we would be off if someone used extreme prejudice on the Capitol Hill cop.

Here is my reasoning. As long as the cop lives he will be a rallying point for conservatives who to show their support in opposing those "uppity" negroes. If we were to terminate the cop, then we would deprive them of that symbol and send a clear message that the African American Community is not to be messed with.

Finally, we should also do something Cynthia Mckinney's hair, which currently looks like a cross between the little rascals Buckwheat and Alfalfa. The woman should be ashamed of herself calling a press conference with her hair looking that bad. Maybe it was just a bad hair day, everyone is entitled to one now and then, but she could have presented herself a little better.

Congresswoman Mckinney has been the victim of a vicious slander campaign in the past, particulary by her questioning of administration policy and should not be abandoned by Dekalb county voters. However, I fear that this incident may have cost us our most outspoken voice in Congress.

April 5, 2006. Politics. 1 comment.